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Upcoming deadline for GLD 2019/20 | Listing and AD Close : JUL 24, 2019

The Global Lighting Directory (GLD) 2019/20 covers the full value chain in lighting on the topics of Lighting Designers, Lighting System/Service Manufacturers and Distributors, Lighting Components/Modules/Equipment/ Service Distributors & Manufacturers, Lighting Organisations, Lighting Events and Lighting Research.

The GLD addresses more than 60,000 experts in the fields of Architecture, Lighting, Design and Industry. The GLD offers completely new functionalities for Lighting Directories such as:LinkedIn Profiles for Lighting Designers, Reference Projects for Lighting Designers, Up-To-Date Offer-Segmentations for Manufacturers and Distributors and enhanced opportunities for highlighting entries. In addition to the Standard free entry, the GLD offers Premium entries that can include images as well as advertising opportunities and offers the vCard download function. Statements from key people in the lighting domain are published throughout the GLD making it a highly interesting read.

The GLD will be published semi-annually in September and in March. It will be distributed via ISSUU as a Digital Magazine and as a PDF Download Magazine.

GLD 2019/20
Listing and AD Close : JUL 24, 2019
Material Due: JUL 31, 2019
Publication: SEPT 2, 2019

GLD 2020
Listing and AD Close : JAN 24, 2020
Material Due: JAN 31, 2020
Publication: MAR 2, 2020


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