The Global Lighting Directory (GLD) stands as the definitive resource across the entire spectrum of the lighting industry, encapsulating an exhaustive range of categories from Lighting Designers, System and Service Manufacturers, to Distributors and Components, alongside pivotal Organizations, Events, and Research initiatives.
With a reach extending to over 60,000 professionals in Architecture, Lighting, Design, and Industry, the GLD transcends traditional directories by introducing revolutionary functionalities. These include personalized LinkedIn Profiles for Lighting Designers, showcase Reference Projects, cutting-edge Offer-Segmentation for Manufacturers and Distributors, and superior entry highlighting options complemented by an interactive global GLD map. Beyond the standard free entry, the GLD elevates visibility through Premium entries featuring images and exclusive advertising prospects. Enriched with insights from luminaries in the lighting domain, the GLD emerges not just as a directory, but as a compelling narrative of the lighting industry’s forefront, making it an indispensable tool for professionals seeking to illuminate their path to success.
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